Gosnell Violence; Atheist Delemmas; Better Ministry Thinking; The Art of Fool-making and much more

Weekend Links

Gosnell Mug ShotThe Gosnell Murder trial in Philadelphia and the horrors being uncovered there are probably just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the abortion industry. Here’s a controversial comparison: The left’s silence on this case is equivalent to the Roman Catholic Church’s silence on decades of sexual abuse. The difference is the RCC is starting to come clean. Don’t hold your breath on the left media doing the same.

Better Thinking About Moving Us to an Abortion-Free Culture

9 Things You Should Know about the Gosnell Infanticide and Murder Trial (Gospel Coalition—includes video.)
Megyn Kelly Tries to Get Behind the Media Whisper on the Gosnell Murder Trial (video included)
Grandmother Assaulted Outside Abortion Clinic (Hard to believe that the assaliant is not in jail. She expected to be in jail for her actions, says so in the video but nothing has happened. I guess you only have rights in America if you are pro-Abortion!)

The Art of Fool-Making

How to Answer a Fool  (How do you talk to atheists?)
The Atheist Delemma: How to Deal with all the Evidence for God  (A Harvard atheist shares how she came to faith in Christ.)

Better Thinking about Politics and Culture

The Devolution of Bill O’Reilly  (Bill is impervious to criticism. By that I mean he doesn’t care. No amount of criticism will even cause him to pause about one of his opinions. He believes he is the smartest man in any room despite the fact that he regularly pontificates about issues stratopherically outside his pay grade and education.)

Better Thinking about Pastoral Care

Confronting the Lie that God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle (The popular phrasing and counsel is not Biblical says the author. What do you think?)
R. C. Sproul on Loving and Ministering to Homosexuals (Great balanced quote by Dr. Sproul on how to love and declare the truth of God to the homosexual community.)
Shai Linne Responds to Paul White Ministries Response to his Rap Song (Outstanding response by Shai Linne’s rap against false teaching and teachers in the Church.)
The Most Destructive Error in the Church (James MacDonald—Error is what Elders (pastors) are supposed to protect the flock from.)
Five Barriers to Authentic Discipleship  (Matt Smay—I find everything that Matt writes to be thought-provoking and helpful. Check out this short article and see.)
A Beautiful Defense of Marriage (Rick Langer—article appeared in EFCA Today. Rick is a godly man and friend. We served together at Trinity Church in Redlands California some 20+ years ago. It is a delight to recommend his article on a an important subject.

Better Thinking about the Bible and the History of the Church

The History of Christianity in 25 Objects (Tim Challies—this is a truly helpful series and I would encourage all leaders in the church to read and benefit from the work that Tim is doing here. Fascinating, inspiring, apologetic, and encouraging.)

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