Angry Christians; Left Intolerance; Same Sex Marriage; Kevin DeYoung; Gay and the Civil Rights Issues

Weekend Links

The Passion of Christ has been the ever-present topic in my mind for three weeks now. “He was crushed for us.” Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter are the highlights of the Christian calendar. Our happy news for the world is that the tomb is empty and sins can be forgiven, the Kingdom of God is proclaimed. We are a happy people who center our lives in resurrection joy.1 Sikh Reading Gospel Literature

Better Thinking about Ministry

8 Issues that are NOT Make or Break Issues for Christianity (Scot McKnight relaying C. Michael Patton’s article—Interesting list, and on each one, I suspect I think they are more important than Scot/Michael, but I think, …. probably right on most.)
What Does God Require in the Ninth and Tenth Commandments? (Thabiti Anyabwile and the Gospel Coalition–great under four minute video—part of a Gospel Coalition video Catechism, great stuff.)
Why the Arguments for Same Sex Marriage Seem So Persuasive and What the Church Needs to Be to Be Faithful to God (Kevin DeYoung—there are a number of typos in this incredibly important article. Don’t let them deter you. The issues are too important. Read this article even if you are exhausted with the topic.)
The Intolerance of the Left (Michael Schaus—if you are feeling more and more that the left wants you to shut up or stop breathing all together, there is a reason.)
How Grammar Influences Your Faith (John Van Sloten—I’m still thinking about this one but it is intriguing.)

D.A. Carson on Angry Christians and the Damage they Do (Short but helpful.)

Better Engagement with Culture

Gay is Not the New Black (Unfortunately, this issue is not going to go away in anyone now living’s lifetime.)

Better Engagement with Islam

Prominent Arab Convert Leaves Catholicism (but not Jesus) over the Roman Church’s Weakness Toward Islam (Brave voice and an important issue.)

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