Public School Challenges; David Platt; Legalizing Marijuana; Rob Bell; The New Pope; a C.S. Lewis Biography and much more

Weekend Links

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and then the euchatastrophe of Easter. It was J.R.R. Tolkien who coined the word, “euchatastrophe,” meaning, “the sudden turning from tragedy to a wholly unexpected good” (my definition of what I remember reading in Tolkien). Tolkien said that the euchatastrophe of the fall of man into sin is the incarnation of Christ and the euchatastrophe of the story of Christ is Easter. But before Easter there was Good Friday and before Good Friday all of history was pointed toward that Friday. Of course, before it was Good Friday is was a terribly bad, horribly tragic day. The day set before the foundations of the earth for the Son of Man to lay down his life as a sacrifice for sin.

Let’s remember that is our minds labor over the links below. It was, it is, and it always will be about Jesus and the cross.

It is Finished

Better engagement with Culture

The Blob that Ate Children: Why our Schools Can’t Win (John Stossel–Why does the school system of America not want competition?)
Penny Pritzker: More Chicago Racketeering in the Obama Administration (Will it ever stop? Will the media ever step up and do its job? Michele Malkin provides info on why this is a bad appointment. Oppose it.)
The Progressive Shift (David Brooks—you don’t have to agree with everything he says but you do have to live in a world will millions share his perspective.)
Legalizing Marijuana a Major Buzz-Kill on the Future of Youth (In the last election, two states legalized the use of marijuana, now 14 more are considering it. Are we dooming our youth to a bleak future?)

Thinking about the New Pope

Luis Palau on Pope Francis Drinks ‘mate’ with Evangelicals and What that Means (Christianity Today)
What’s in a Name? The Significance of the Name Chosen by the New Pope (John Armstrong—a good article for evangelicals to drink from.)

Christ in the Garden of Olives, Paul Gauguin, 1889
Christ in the Garden of Olives, Paul Gauguin, 1889

Thinking Better about Ministry

Here Come the Radicals (Please read this article, all of it. We need to hear this message in America)
Why We Shouldn’t Be so Quick to Sail with Rob Bell (Branson Parler —from Semper Reformanda)
What Does Rob Bell Talk About When Rob Bell Talks About God (Mostly what he thinks God should be rather than who God declares himself to be.)
A Courageous Biography of C. S. Lewis by Alister McGrath (Scot McKnight–would love to read this biography based on this review. Unfortunately, can’t afford it right now. Off to the library.)
Saturating Your Heart and Your Messages with the Word of God (David Platt—good counsel from a good man and a good preacher.)

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