The Last Night: Experience the Passion of Christ

The Last Night

An Unforgetable Experience

Last year we hosted an experiential walk through the final day of Christ’s life. Over 700 people from 30 different churches came and experienced what they said was one of the most meaningful experiences of their spiritual lives. This year, in order to provide this opportunity to more people from local communities, we are taking this event outside the walls of our building into the old Berkot’s Grocery building on route 24 in Watseka.

We invite you to come and get a taste of what those final hours on earth were like for the Savior and have your appreciation of what God was doing in the sacrifice of Christ for sins in a deeper and more profound way than ever before.  Admission is free and all attenders (one per family) will receive an audio book version of the devotional upon which the presentation is based. Below is a video we filmed for last year’s presentation and below that all the information you need for this year.

The Last Night info

The original book upon which THE LAST NIGHT is based has been expanded and revised and now includes small group questions in an appendix for all 14 chapters. There are a limited number of the original book available from me directly (Contact me at It is an inexpensive book to give away to friends who come from a liturgical background but who have not believed in Christ. The new book is available through

2 thoughts on “The Last Night: Experience the Passion of Christ

  1. This is amazing. I recently received a link to another powerful reflection on the Stations of the Cross. Check it out. It might be complementary to your presentation. For those who cannot attend your presentation, please consider having it video taped and put on YouTube.


    1. Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. This particular presentation is based on the traditional Stations of the Cross but is not identical to them.

      In the traditional version, 5 of the stations are not represented in the gospel accounts. They come from medieval times but are not rooted in any first century history. Those five stations, I have replaced with other scenes that come from the last 18 hours of Christ’s life. Hope your Easter celebration this year is a delight to both you and your Lord.


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