England’s Failing Power Grid: Coming here? Liberal hate; Driscoll and Osborne interview;

Weekend Links

It seems like every week there is more evidence that our culture is losing its mind. Like an Alzheimer’s patient losing bits and pieces of the past, our culture is losing its collective memory as it jettisons its Judo-Christian heritage for a mess of post-modern porridge. It even shows up in the comments of the first post that I had hoped would be a simple piece of practical advice. Our nation, our world needs prayer, lots of it. We need the mighty power of God.

Yet there is no need for despair because the Church, the gospel, and Christ will triumph and we with  Him. But it is a time to work. While light remains, let’s work for the glory of our King.

Bronze couple on a bench
Bronze couple on a bench

Surviving in These Economic Times

Advice I Wish Someone had Given Me Before My First Job (Posted on Facebook by my nephew from LifeHacker.)

It’s Going to Happen in England and Soon After, It Will Happen Here: You won’t turn your lights out, the government will. (The economic policies of the world are going crazy and people are going to suffer. Make sure you read the follow up piece on a tragedy happening in Iran that our government is doing nothing about.)

What Will Kerry Do about the Persecution of Christians in China (A good question since the Obama administration has shown no interest so far.)
What Would You do If Money Were No Object? 

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Why Liberals Hate Conservative Hispanic Voices (Someday, if Jesus gives us time, our nation will move beyond identity politics. Thinking like this will help us.)
Preserving Second Amendment Rights Saves Black Lives (Star Parker—another conservative voice that Liberals love to hate.)
All the Coal and Almost None of the Carbon (New technology might make the burning of coal the most economical and environmentally friendly option.)
More Fall-out on Bad Policy: Employers Dropping Spousal Coverage to Avoid Obamacare Fees (This is just the tip of the iceberg of the disaster to come.)

Thinking Better About Ministry

What Type of Pastor and Leader was Calvin (New book sheds new and myth-busting perspective on the surprising [to some] gentle, pastoral and wise leadership of Calvin and the pastors he trained and deployed in Geneva.)
Why the Missional Movement will Fail (I have linked to this article before but my friend and missionary Miquel Labrador recently posted to it again and I think it continues to be relevant to the whole church. Let’s learn together and make our mid-course corrections.)
Jesus has the Church in Good Hands (An interview between Mark Driscoll and Larry Osborne)
Free! Free! Free! The Gospel Sets Us Free (John Piper—we don’t meditate enough on the greatness of the gospel in setting us free from sin. Here’s help.)
What Would Calvin Say About Allegorical Preaching? (Gospel Coalition)

Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened: The Beginning of the End of Western Culture? (Massachusetts eliminates gender distinctions in public school bathrooms.)
Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture (Gospel Coalition—every parent in America, … actually … all five continents, ought to read this article.)
Help! I Just Found Out My Husband is Watching Pornography (Sherry Allchin—Biblical Counseling Center)

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