If Real Christianity Was Practiced

Tuesday is for Revival

Revive Us Again“The assumption is that revival is needed to remedy deficiencies that would not be present had real Christianity been practiced and readily observed by a watching world. Whenever such authenticity is scarce, it becomes necessary to plead, ‘O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years!’ (Hab. 3:2 NKJV). Accordingly, revival presupposes a serious decline in the church’s appetite for spiritual things and in her championing the cause of morality and justice in human affairs.
Furthermore, revival presupposes that believers either do not know the standards set forth in Scripture or do not care to press them as a basis for deciding what is true, just, righteous, beautiful and pleasing to God. And when Christ’s followers have ceased to function as salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16), society and the church are left without any principle or purpose when judged by the norms given in the Word of God and consequently without any check on ungodliness. Wickedness grows like weeds, and no voices are raised in protest or warning about the certainty and awesomeness or the frightening judgment of God that is to come.  Thus, the consistent lack of obedience to the will of God among Christians is the problem underlying the need for revival.

Walter Kaiser, Revise us Again, 8-9. (Emphasis added)

Yet another reason why biblical illiteracy in our nation is inhibiting the fires of revival. This is why any pastor or church that wants to experience the reviving work of God’s Spirit must begin to move God’s people to The Book. The people of God should be shaped by the book of God.

“Oh God, raise up a generation that hungers and thirsts for your word. Raise up a generation of preachers that will stand on the rock of what you have spoken and call your people to faithfulness to your word.”

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