Missional Leaders and Phonies

Missional 3Monday Discussion

Missional leaders lead God’s people on the mission of God, to the world of God, for the glory of God.

You can call yourself a missional leader. You can read all the right books on missional leadership. You can sling all the right names around from the missional community. But unless you are leading people into the mission of God for the glory of God, you are not a missional leader.

So let’s ask a different question:

What are the attitudes, activities, and behaviors of a missional leader?

One thought on “Missional Leaders and Phonies

  1. That’s a good question, especially because as Christians we are all leaders or will be leaders in some form. Christ’s example for us to follow was one of speaking the truth even when it was hard, confrontational, and controversial at times, service to his disciples and followers, not just washing their feet but healing them, feeding them, protecting them, and leading them to the forgiveness of their sins, and staying in constant, unwavering relationship with God despite an intense schedule and pressure from people around him.

    For me personally it’s easy to forget that I’m not supposed to be selling a social program or offering a club membership. I want to live out and experience Jesus’ forgiveness of my sins, and share that, not just some really nice coffee and music. Sometimes I feel insulated and distant from the reality of what I profess to believe. It’s refreshing to return to Christ.


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