Weak and Powerless Preaching: One Solution

Wednesday is for Prayer

“How can a man preach who does not get his message fresh from God in the closet? How can he preach without having his faith quickened, his vision cleared, and his heart warmed by his closeting with God? Alas, for the pulpit lips which are untouched by this closet flame. Dry and unctionless they will ever be, and truths divine will never come with power from such lips. As far as the real interests of religion are concerned, a pulpit without a closet will always be a barren thing.”

E.M. Bounds, Power through Prayer

PrayerChurch Planter and Pastors:

Every  church planter, every pastor, every preacher of God’s word needs to own, to be saturated with the reality of these words from E.M. Bounds. There is a way to preach that is entertaining, engaging, interesting, even moving, but nevertheless, lifeless, corrupt and dangerous to both preacher and hearer. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that because people

like you,
prefer you,
compliment you,
appreciate you, 
smile with affection at you, 
and thank God for you

that you are powerful, mighty and significant for God. 

It just might be an illusion both to you and your hearers. Be a man of prayer … or suffer a surprising conflagration of all your wood, hay and stubble on the great and terrible day of the Lord (1 Cor. 3:12).

“Lord, help us to be disciplined in prayer. help us to draw near to you in private and frequent prayer. Speak to us as we study your word. Make us mighty men in private places that others might be moved by you, your spirit and your word and not just our personality or skill. Bend our hearts to yours. Bow our spirits to you that we might forget ourselves and speak only of you. Make us decrease that you might increase in the hearts of your people. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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