Same-Sex Marriage Debate Not Over; Wendell Berry; Bill Hybels; Legalizing Pedophilia Getting Closer?; Christian Preaching; Multi-site Churches

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God is speaking. Are we Listening?
God is speaking. Are we Listening?

Sometimes we grow weary of doing good. That’s why there is a biblical exhortation to not let it happen. Sometimes we get tired of certain topics because we don’t seem to be making enough traction. Yet the battles must be fought. Abortion crept in to the culture and caught most unaware in 1973.

Now same-sex marriage has no chance of sneaking in but it might become the law of the land by shear exhaustion in fighting it. There is a powerful “Overton Window” effect operative in our corporate culture. The Overton Window was proposed some years ago and suggests that social change and paradigms shifts of all kinds have a similar trajectory:

First, a thing is unthinkable
Second, a thing is thought of as radical
Third, a thing comes to be acceptable for some
Fourth, a thing becomes sensible to many / most
Fifth, a thing becomes popular
Sixth, a thing becomes policy

Think of our culture. Think of biblical values and standards. Think of the “Overton Window.”  

Be alarmed. On a whole range of issues, be alarmed. Then gather some of your brothers and sisters together and begin to pray for revival. A national turning to God is our only hope.

Better Engagement with Culture

Wendell Berry’s Slanderfest Against all Those Who Disagree with Him on Same-sex Marriage (Even great writers like Wendell Berry can be on the wrong side of an issue. Being a great writer doesn’t make you omniscient or even wise on every issue.)
Pedophilia: Coming to a Country You Used to Know? (Bringing dark desires to light and making them acceptable and eventually the policy of the land. Could it happen here? Faster than you could ever imagine.)
Pastor Rick Warren Releases a Statement on the Hobby Lobby Lawsuit Against the Government
Debatable: What is the Proper Response to Being Dis-invited from the White House Because of the Word of God (Matthew 13:1-9, which soil do you want to be?)

Two Women Legalized Abortion: Now Both Say Their Cases were Built on Lies and Want Their Cases Overturned (An article that should be read.)
President Obama Helps the Pro-Life Cause (Sort of)
Bishop Became Pro-Life When He Found an Aborted Baby in a Sink (Wise and horrifying words.)
It’s Okay to Kill Human Beings that Get in My Way: The State of the Pro-Abortion Argument (A must read article)
If you Want to See Abortion End Then You Have to At Least Do This

Our Cars Have a Weight Problem: And it is Killing Us (52 miles a gallon would be nice, but the cost might triple our road deaths.)

Whimsical Creativity in a Down Economy

“Buying” a $300,000 House for $16 (Huh?)
Making a Sling (the ancient weapon of warriors like King David)

Thinking Better About Ministry

16 Words to Never Use When Describing Yourself (Good Counsel here and consistent with the Scripture that says, “Let another praise you and not your own lips.” Prov. 27:2)

Why Multi-site and Is Multi-site Biblical? (Mark Driscoll—You may not like his style. You may not prefer his clothing. You may take exception to some of his public comments and theology. But one thing you can’t do is ignore him and in this video, Mark raises some thought-provoking biblical issues around the concept of Multi-site churches.)

The Troubled State of Christian Preaching in the Nation (Lou Giglio controversy and the implications.)
Five Issues that Keep a Church from Growing (These aren’t the only 5 but they are not a bad place to start to deal with.)
Confessions of An Ecumenical and Eclectic Baptist (Roger Olson)
How Would I Plant a Church Today? (Bill Hybels—love him or hate him, Hybels will always have something to say that will challenge your thinking. That’s a good thing.)

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