Meditation; John Piper; Franklin Graham; Art Gallery Churches; Free Biblical Training; Gun Control

Weekend Links

Looking and Being Innocent are Two Different Things
Looking Like and Being Innocent are Two Different Things

Speaking at retreat for college students in Wisconsin with little time to post or enter discussions. Hopefully, others will carry on the discussion threads begun on various posts. Only  a few posts but I think you will enjoy them.

Growing Better Christians

Christians: Let us Meditate On, Talk About, and Live by the Bible (J.C. Ryle—relearning the habits that make significant Christians.)
Every Moment in 2013, God Will Be Doing 10,000 Things in Your Life (John Piper—a good reminder for the new year.)
Free Biblical Training Online (An option for those who want but can’t afford seminary training.)

Thinking Better about Ministry in the 21st Century

Building Congregations Around Art Galleries and Cafes (New York Times article—)
Franklin Graham Says Sin-sickened America Must Repent (How can any Bible-believing Christian disagree with what Franklin says here?)
The Obama’s Have Spent $7 Million Since Christmas on Vacation (Video that is as honest as it is accurate.)
America’s Founders Saw Guns as Necessary to Protect Freedom for the People from Government (Walter Williams—short article well worth the time.)

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