N.T. Wright (and Wrong); Leadership; Church Planting; Humanist Emptiness; Newtown, CT and the Problem of Evil; Oliver Stone; HMS Mandate

Weekend Links

Thabiti AnyabwileSome new voices this week and some new topics too. Leadership, Health, GMO’s Church Planting, Millennials, Small Groups, N.T. Wright, and much more. A very interesting interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone in one link. As always, your mileage may vary. I found them all helpful but don’t necessarily agree with every point. Too many to keep all week. I will start a new list Monday. Enjoy.

Thinking Better about Leadership

Be Careful with Whom You Seek Counsel (Gary Runn and The Leadership Crossing—always good to think through your motives when you need or seek counsel from others and who you seek it from.)
Why God? (A truly great article by a Catholic priest on the Sandy Hook tragedy. I think at one point he understates the positive evidence but that doesn’t detract from the overall spirit and wisdom of his counsel.)

Thinking Better about Our Foods and Health

FDA Quietly Pushing through Genetically Modified Salmon (Seems like a dangerous and unwise thing to do!)

Thinking Better about Church Planting

Planting Churches in the Celebrity-Pastor-Culture of America (Dan Delzell—a church planter and pastor writes with experience and wisdom.)
Growing Trend of Millennials in Worship: Few but Passionate (Ed Stetzer—reaching the next generation is the task of every church. Ed Stetzer helps us to understand how to reach and mobilize to do just that.)
Required Reading for Small Groups Pastors/Leaders (Mark Howell—Setting up and maintaining a good system)

Thinking Better About Doctrine

N.T. Wright Wrong on Eternal Torment and Hell (Dan Delzell—an important topic and an important thinker taken on with biblical insight and realism.)
Smilingly Leading You to Hell (Tim Challies—on the smiling theology of Joel Osteen and dangerous path he paves.)
The Absence of Humanists in Newtown, Connecticut Shows the Superiority of Faith (Interesting article from the New York Times. My title is not necessarily their conclusion but see if you don’t agree.)

Deliver us from 21st Century Blindspots in Our Interpretations of the Bible (John Dickson and the Gospel Coalition—I know a number of church planters and pastors who are in the “me and my Bible” are all I need camp. They are unaccountable, irresponsible and foolish. We need to think hard, historically and with a clear and consistent hermeneutic if we are to interpret the word of God with accuracy and power.)
Bishop Mania and Confusion over Church Leadership (Thabiti Anyabwile—exactly what we have come to appreciate from Thabiti, wise, gracious, kind but also, incisive, uncompromising and faithful to the Scripture.)

Thinking Better about Finances 

Eleven States in a “Death Spiral” (Disaster waiting to happen? Inevitable? Opportunity for Churches?)

Thinking Better about the Government

Oliver Stone Thinks the United States has Become and Orwellian State Under Obama (Interesting and thoughtful interview. Not every particular is equally valuable, but the filmmakers do make some salient points. Worth watching and thinking about.)
First Acts of Civil Disobedience Against HMS Mandate (More to come. Pray for the nation.)

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