5 thoughts on “Lord’s Prayer on a Pin

  1. I work in England as a micro-artist. I have engraved The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin by hand, using exactly the same techniques as Godfrey Lundberg. I have also pushed the limits further by carving the words, ‘Nothing is Impossible’ along the sharp edge of a razor blade. The mental and physical extremes that Godfrey Lundberg went through led to him saying, “I would never repeat this again for any amount of money.” I can understand what he went through. It took me 40 years to produce my Lord’s Prayer pin. He had a mental breakdown after he’d finished the job. This work has wrecked my eyesight. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to try it. It is total madness!


    1. Graham, I am sorry for the cost you have paid and can appreciate your recommendation not to try it. May the One who will one day give us new bodies that won’t wear out bless you in your work and provide for your needs.


  2. Chosenrebel, Thank you for your kind words. I have recently finished one very special religious piece for Easter. It is my best work yet. This is likely to be my last piece because of my failing eyesight. At the moment, I am waiting for the media in the UK to arrange news coverage. Nobody has seen it yet. There is a press embargo on it but as soon as it has been cleared I would like to send images to you. Kind regards, Graham


    1. Graham, I am honored at your offer to show me the images you have created for Easter. I look forward to seeing them and with your permission (only) passing them on to a wider world.


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