Honest Liberals; Multi-site Churches; Defeating Bad Guys; Atheist Doubts; Sandy Hook Help

Weekend Links

Christmas wise menHo, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas. Looking forward to a great Christmas season with three evening services over the next two days including a dramatic Lord’s Supper celebration.  Had a great time with our kids their spouses and our first grandchild last night. Only Maureen was missing and she was greatly missed.  As a father it is impossible for me to feel completely whole with that absence which makes my heart break for the parents of 20 Connecticut children. Please keep the families there in your prayers as you enjoy your family and friends this Christmas.

Making Better Pastors

Ten Things Pastor’s Don’t Like About Pastoring (Thom Rainer—my list would be slighlty different but this is a pretty good list for most.)
Interim Pastors Must Prepare for Missional Ministry (
A Lesson for All from Newtown (John Piper—Wise words from a wise and godly voice. Continue to pray for the families of Newtown, Connecticut)

Christmas DecorationsBetter Engagement with Politics and Culture

Rachel Weeping for Her Children: The Massacre in Connecticut (Al Mohler—wise words in the aftermath of tragedy and heartache. How to interpret it, what to say to your soul, how to respond in the future.)
I Hate Guns But I’m Glad Good Guys Have them When Bad Guys Find a Way Around the Law Where is God in Such Times as This? A meditation in the midst of violent atrocity.
Three Great Responses to the Horrors of Violence in Our Culture (Ed Stetzer—simple but helpful truth from another pastor in the trenches of life)
An Honest Liberal Writes about Gun Control and Reality (Daniel J. Mitchell—truly worth reading.)
What Your Atheist Friend Knows About God But Won’t Admit (Jim Elliff–designed as a bulletin insert, this piece will encourage your heart as well as sharpen your witness.)
Why Gun Control Can’t Stop Sandy Hook’s From Happening : We need to think better about the issue (John Hawkins—Logic, facts and real resolve are needed over against rhetoric, politics and political expediency.)

Thinking Better about Ministry

How Multi-site Churches Develop and Deploy Artists (Equally valuable for church planters and multi-site pastors.)
The Decline of Evangelicalism in the Culture (Sobering and hopefully, repentance producing article)

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