The Virgin Birth of Christ is Not an Optional Belief

Monday is for Discussion

Incomparable Christ“The presence of a sinless man among universally sinful men would be as much a miracle in the moral realm as would a virgin birth in the physical realm.”

—J.Oswald Sanders, The Incomparable Christ,
(Moody Press, 1952), 93.

“The value of the atonement is intelligible only upon the assumption that the two natures [human and divine] were so united in Christ that what each did had the value of both.”

—J.Oswald Sanders, The Incomparable Christ90.

If Jesus were only a man, His death would only be that of a martyr, for one who is a sinner himself cannot pay the penalty of sin for another. An innocent is required. If He were only divine, there would be no real link with humanity and His death would have no redeeming quality. But if the two natures can be united by means of a real incarnation whereby, the immortal One takes upon Himself the flesh and nature of the mortal ones, His death becomes infinite in its efficacy.  Because Jesus is both God and man, He is our all sufficient Savior. And that is what Christmas is all about.

Without a virgin birth there is no Divine Savior. It’s why it was prophesied in Isaiah. It is why it was fulfilled in Matthew. Anselm figured it out a long time ago. Read his Cur Deus Homo (Why a God Man).

One thought on “The Virgin Birth of Christ is Not an Optional Belief

  1. True! Atonement is vital. Those that reject atonement should know that it was there even in the Old Testament. There was a day of atonement. Christ came as a perfect lamb of God and replaced all the animnal sacrifices. any religion that rejects God’s way of salvation is not of God no matter how excellent it seems to men’s eyes and wisdom.


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