Ayn Rand no hero; Union Thugs; Dennis Miller; Divided Politics not Bad; Myth Liberals have Created;

Weekend Links

Amazing Camo for this Tree Lizard proclaims the greatness of our Creator
Amazing Camo for this Tree Lizard proclaims the greatness of our Creator

Some great videos and articles below. You will find help for your spirit, wisdom for your preaching, challenge for your thinking, and hope and direction for your present. You won’t find an endorsement from me of everything that is said. Remember to pray for the victims of the Connecticut murderer. And pray for our violent and troubled world. It desperately needs the Prince of Peace.

Engaging the Culture with Truth

Thoughts About John Lennon, and Ray Comfort’s New Movie (Randy Alcorn—interesting thoughts on one of our most enduring cultural icons.)

Only God Could Make Such a Glorious Beast (Cheetahs running in slow motion–watch to the end, dramatic footage and how they did it. Then go and read Randy Alcorn’s meditation on the future day promised in Scripture at this link.)

Why a Divided Political Nation is Not a Bad Thing (Scot McKnight’s Blog—interesting article on the benefits of two parties pretty evenly dividing a nation)
Why Ayn Rand is Not a Role Model or Hero for Christians (There is a lot of uncritical support for the writings of Ayn Rand out there because she is thought of as a co-combatant against the progressive left, but she is no friend of Christianity. Be careful who you choose as your heroes.)
Dennis Miller on How President Obama Could be a Better President (Video)

How $822,000 a year Bureaucrats are Destroying America (Daniel J. Mitchell—worth sending to every person you know.)
No Group on a College Campus is More Likely to be Descriminated Against than an Evangelical Christian Group (That is the perspective of an atheist lawyer defending student rights.)
How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Baby? (Not as much as the population growth people want you to believe)

Five Myths Liberals have Created about Themselves (John Hawkins)
Comedian Stephen Crowder Mugged by Union Thugs (Video—watch the video after the mugging on decriminalization of drugs.)

Book Reviews

Book Review of Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (Apologetics 315—If you are interested in the history of the gospels and the accuracy of the accounts, this is a good primer.)
For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Review by Stephen Um—We got to do better thinking about the arts if we are to regain the culture. This isn’t a bad place to jump start our thinking.)

Better Thinking about Ministry

Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Praise (Lee Eclov—A good and gracious reminder of why preach and why we must preach and teach and sing the psalms.)

Christian Struggling with Same Sex Attraction tells His Story (Manhattan Project–Learning to talk biblically and compassionately to the culture about why the Bible is right on the wrongness of homosexuality and why the Christian Way is the better way for all who struggle.)
A Few Things to Consider Before You Support Same-Sex Marriage (Kevin DeYoung)

The Bible Doesn’t Command Redistribution of Wealth (Evangelical Theological Society Presenters Conclusions)

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