The Oscars: Cru Loses a Staff Member and Maybe Much More; Repentant Leaders; Mark Driscoll

Weekend Links

Standing on the Bible and being able to defend your position is becoming more and more dangerous but that is where faithfulness is tested. Conservative viewpoints are systematically censored. Paganism is reasserting itself and the culture seems oblivious to both its danger and its silliness. G.K. Chesterton was right, if people will not believe in God, they will begin to believe anything..amazing-green-mountains-with-trees-lanscape-wallpaper 

Ministry Engagement with Culture and State

Disabled Girl Dies 12 Hours After Being Taken from Her Mother (The power of the state continues to grow to abusive proportions. Freedom is leaking away.)
Why You Can’t Trust Oscar (and Hollywood) to Tell You What Films are “Worthy” (No surprises here but interesting nonetheless. Documentary film list for the Oscars are censored to reflect Hollywood’s view of the world.)

Ministry Controversy 

When It Costs to be a Complementarian (Cru director is dismissed because he believes men’s and women’s roles are different).
A Wife’s Inner Beauty: Is This a Good Definition? (Gospel Coalition—compelling and convicting article.)
Slipping Back into Nature Worship: The end of the culture? (I didn’t read the whole article but the 1 minutes and 47 second v
ideo associated with it is deeply disturbing. Chesterton was right, the problem with those who will not believe in God is that they will believe anything.)
How Do We Receive the Repentant Leader? (Probing article about the how the Christian community treats its fallen warriors.)
Oh to Grace, How Great a Debtor: a reply to Tullian Tchividjian (An irenic response to an important topic in sanctification and peripatology.)

Ministry Effectiveness

Work in 48 Minute Increments with 12 Minute Breaks (New counsel on success in the workplace.)
Five Signs You are Living for Your Glory Rather than HIS (Paul Tripp—absolutely stunningly simple article that is completely humbling and helpful.)

How the American Family Crisis is a Theological Crisis (Al Mohler—an important article)
Mark Driscoll on Becoming a Better Preacher (This will surprise some people, but Mark gives some very good advice in this brief 5 point response to a question.)

How Successful Leaders Say Yes (From the website Serving Strong)

A Family Suffers in Beauty: Faith in Christ is the Most Beautiful Way to Live (One woman’s battle for faith in the midst of cancer.

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