DOMA’s Importance; Roles of Men and Women; Bolton on Rice; Justin Taylor; John Piper; Ending Abortion; Inerrancy’s Importance

Weekend links

Double links this week. Double the instigation of trouble! Already writing for next weeks’ posts. Looking forward to getting some feedback on some new ideas. As always, don’t link me and my thoughts to every link. 

Coomunity GardenBetter Engagement with Culture

Why DOMA Needs to Continue and Why We Must Not Go the Direction of Same Sex Marriage (Fantastic video on just a few of the implications of same sex marriage.)
Avoiding Extremes on Men and Women (John Piper—short video that defines why complementarianism on the roles of men and women is so important) 
Krauthammer on President Obama’s Tactics (Short video: Fix the budget and deal with the national debt or try to destroy the Republicans?)
Is Greenland Ice Really Melting and Should We be Concerned? (Startling facts that we are not hearing.)
Still No Clarity from Rice on How She Could Have Been So Wrong (Bolton on Rice’s Reliance on “Talking Points”)
What is the Home Country of a Christian? (The Gospel Coalition—Justin Taylor, borrowing the words of an ancient writer, helps us to think rightly about what it means to belong to Christ.)

Better Ministry Thinking

Worship Principles (Joe Thorn and Redeemer Church gives the church’s Philosophy of Worship. Worth emulating)
Aren’t All Christians Supposed to Evangelize and Make Disciples? (Miquel Labrador—sound analysis, provocative thinking, passionate commitment—that’s what I have come to expect from my friend Miquel.)
Christianity and Abortion: Is It Really that Complicated (It’s not. Christians who vote for pro-abortion candidates are misguided. Period.)
Doing Missions without Doing Harm (The Gospel Coalition—on why less is often more in the area of missions. Matching strategy with wisdom.)
Does Inerrancy Still Matter? (Longer but very important article. I lived through the so-called “Battle for the Bible Era” and believe that the significant gains of that era are being lost by God’s people 35 years later. If you are a pastor, you really ought to read this piece and think of ways that you will galvanize your people and build their confidence in their Bibles.)

Did He Rise? Prove that You Believe It. (Francis Chan—yep! Amen. “Lord, make our lives a continuous amen and sacrifice for the cross.”)

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