Praying for Holiness on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Musings

“It is a good day when thou givest me a glimpse of myself;
Sin is my greatest evil,
     but thou are my greatest good; …
My country, family, church 
     fare worse because of my sins, 
     for sinners bring judgment in thinking sins are small …
Let me not take other good men as my example,
     and think I am good because I am like them,
For all good men are not so good as thou desirest,
     not always consistent,
     do not always follow holiness,
     do not feel eternal good in sore affliction.

Show me how to know when a thing is evil
      which I think is right and good,
      how to know when what is lawful
      comes from an evil principle, …

Give me grace to recall my needs, …
And let me not lay my pipe
      too short of the fountain,
      never touching the eternal spring,
      never drawing down water from above.

The Valley of Vision: Puritan Prayers and Devotions,
(Banner of Truth Trust, 1975, 2002, p. 122-123).

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