Christian response to Immigration; Tim Keller on Idolatry and Calvin; Bono; Michael Breen; Sharia and British Law;

Weekend Links

Wouldn’t mind living here.

These will give you plenty to talk about over coffee with you friends. You might become the most interesting person in the room, Just remember, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in them.

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

The Signs of Political Idolatry (Tim Keller—a not to miss article)
U2’s Bono on the Future of Changing the World and Who will Do It 

Better Understanding of the World

Sharia Law Challenging British Law and Setting New Models for America? (President Obama is NOT a Muslim. He is at least a nominal Christian. That said, he has a relativistic theology that owes more to liberal politics than it does to the Bible. With such a leader, is this where the election just past may take us in the future.)
The Law of Unintended Consequences: The Cobra Effect in the Church (Unintended consequences are everywhere with human plans. Here’s a thought provoking article about some of those consequences.)

The Issues Before the Church

Defining the Emerging Church and Cousins Who are Sometime Mistaken for It (Helpful in a typically Mark Driscoll-ish way, i.e. clear, funny, controversial and mostly accurate)
A Christian Response to Immigration (Alvin Sanders—Alvin’s blog on leading God’s people to a diverse kingdom. Some good ideas from a Free Church in California.)
Review of The Year of Biblical Womanhood (Mary Kassian—a prominent complementarian and friend of Rachel Held Evans reviews the controversial book.)
Tim Keller’s Surprising Discoveries from a Year of Reading Calvin’s Institutes (Gospel Coalition—John Piper has advocated this type of reading for years, a singular focused immersion in the mind of one author. Keller’s article summarizes some of the fruit of that adventure into Calvin’s Institutes.
Why the Missional Movement will Fail (Michael Breen—I have linked to this article before but it is worth a second look or a first if you missed it the first time.)
The Election Outcome Could be a Prophetic Announcement (Jack Hayford)

2 thoughts on “Christian response to Immigration; Tim Keller on Idolatry and Calvin; Bono; Michael Breen; Sharia and British Law;

  1. not one of your articles under better engagement with politics and culture came up…either blank page or advertising. Rest came up – to look at later.


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