Thinking Better about Doctrine, Homosexuality, Political Engagement, Spiders, Marriage and much more

Weekend Links for the First Week in November 2012

Great links this week. Lots of challenge. Lots of interest. Lots of variety. Jim Wright’s piece on idolatry is a very thoughtful article. The three articles touching on homosexuality will be a great help to those with family members or friends struggling with same sex attraction. The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania put together a very good statement on how to think about voting responsibility. But like every other week, a link in the list is not an endorsement of all the content of any link.              

Thinking Better About Doctrine

Review of Rachel Held Evans book, The Year of Biblical Womanhood (Review by Kathy Keller—this is more than a book review. Worth reading for its simple review of proper foundations for solid biblical interpretation.)
Does the Roman Catholic Church Believe the Bible or Tradition and Does it Believe What it Believes in an Understandable and Sensible Way? (Good article by my friend Chris Castaldo)
Post Modern Idolatry (Jim Wright —the more I read from Jim Wright, the more I appreciate him. You will too.)

Thinking Better about Cultural Engagement

Dealing with Homosexuality as a Christian (Includes two audio interviews)
Beyond Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner (Tim Challies –series of articles and reviews to fill out sound theological practice.)
Food Fight: A Significant Interview Related to the Chick-fil-A / Homosexuality Flap (Really a great video interview with a pastor friend.)
Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania Make Me Proud to be a Native of the State (I’m not Catholic. I think much of Catholic doctrine and practice is utter nonsense with no solid biblical support. I also think that there is much beauty and much to learn from some portions of Catholic liturgy and practice. But this document, as one of my friends pointed out, is a good start on how a denomination, any denomination might approach politics and the issues that divide people of faith in a powerfully Christian way.)
Spiders Have Eight Well Designed Eyes (Looking at the evidence for intelligence design.)
Student Defies Christian College’s Attempt at Censorship (Brave student making a difference)
Why I Lost Faith in the Pro-Choice Movement

Why Christians Shouldn’t Be Snooty About Marriage Contracts (Morgan Guyton —Christians need to learn to think much more deeply about marriage, or watch the cultural tsunami sweep over the Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage.)
The Electoral College Under Attack (Should we abandon the electoral college? Many think yes, but what we would lose may be greater than first imagined.)
The Smoking Gun of the Benghazi Coverup
(Truly damning chronology and evidence of a massive coverup at the highest levels and far more serious than the Watergate cover up which rightly, brought down President Nixon)
Why I Changed My Vote (Interesting)

Better Parenting

Larry Elder had Great Parents; You Can Be Just Like them if You throw Away A Victim Mentality: “What do I tell my black child if Obama loses?” (This is a great article. Great. Wish every parent in America could read it and adopt it as part of their parenting philosophy.)

Church Planting

Planting Churches that Stick (Geoff Surratt —a short article that is helpful for those moving in the attractional model for their church plant. it is helpful based on its assumptions. It leaves out of the discussion any significant missional / incarnational thrust.)
Reclaiming the Table in the Neighborhood (A typical “Fitchian” approach, [those who are familiar with David Fitch will understand what I mean]. Some of it is filled with ecclesial assumptions that and values that are outside the perspective of my readers, but there is much here that is valuable and suggestive for how to move Christians into real community with one another so that the larger community feels their presence.)

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