Memorizing Scripture: I Know You Have Failed. This Will Help You Win

Wednesday is for Prayer

Memory Tool to Help you memorize large or small portions of Scripture easily. Easily. I mean it. Easily.

Simply take the text that you want to memorize, either by cutting and pasting it into the box marked (view source for source code) or by typing it in yourself, and then press the convert button. It will convert your text into a series of lines that retains punctuation but reduces the text by only giving the first letter. Copy and paste the converted text into your word processor and format it in any way that will help you. I formatted mine to fit on a 3×5 card. Then I printed them out and pasted them up on 3×5’s that I can carry with me and use to review the text I am working on.

The picture above is the end product and contains 2 Timothy 1:1-12. Honestly, it is a great help. I start by reading the Scripture I want to memorize; repeat it a couple of times, and then use the 3×5 to prod me on when I get a bit fuzzy on what the next word is. Memorizing the word of God is also a fantastic way to fill your prayers with substance. Praying the word of God that you have memorized aids both your memory and the power of the word of God to transform your life.

Thanks to my friend Ann Voskamp and her marvelous BLOG, for first pointing me and her other fans to this great tool.

3 thoughts on “Memorizing Scripture: I Know You Have Failed. This Will Help You Win

  1. Slick. I just printed up some as business card size to use in my Lord’s Day morning children’s message. Most of the children can read and the rest can get their parents to help. The latter is a two birds with one stone trick.

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    1. Parents could use the same program to encourage their students in a wide variety of memorization tasks. The program would work for memorizing math formulas, poetry, speeches. But its greatest value is with the word of the living God.


  2. I do this for my passwords. All my passwords are scripture I am trying to memorize. And since I am on the computer all the time and have to enter my passwords all the time, I memorize the verses pretty quickly and am prompted to meditate on them throughout the day.

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