Tape the Mouths Shut of Older Christians

Thursday is for Discipleship

I was doing some research in TEDS library last week and ran across an interesting comment by Joe Aldrich. Speaking on the difficulty of getting believers to actually tell other people what they believe, the former President of Multnomah Bible and author of Lifestyle Evangelism wrote:

“The only way you’re ever going to get old-time Christians involved is to somehow tape their mouths shut, bring them into a group of brand-new Christians, and just let him listen and catch some of that fire [of new believers].” 

Joe Aldrich, Discipleship Journal, vol. 54, 1989, p. 16


What do you think? Is it possible to infect older Christians with a desire to and behavior of evangelism? Why? Why not?

2 thoughts on “Tape the Mouths Shut of Older Christians

  1. As an “older Christian” I would like to sit in on such a group. (Where do you find a group of new Christians?) I think the “older Christians” would want to mold the new ones into their image–hence the advice that they not say anything.


  2. I think the best evangelism occurs when it is modeled and reproduced. For example when someone comes to Christ, simply ask “who you going to tell” then go with them to assist. Why not apply multiplication to sharing our faith, after all, are we not supposed to be producing disciples? As for older Christians, Barna once reported that Christians lose all ties to secular people in their personal lives outside of work after 3 years? I think the better question is where is the church expending resources of time and talent? Not all old Christians refrain from sharing their faith. I try to do this once or more a week and actively pray for people to talk to. Bruce


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