Press Corps Enemies; Jon Stewart; national Debt, Abortion; Poetry, Politics and books; Homosexuality Issues; G.K. Chesterton

Weekend Links


Another Garden Idea for Next Spring

Some fun stuff, some provocative stuff, some upsetting stuff and some scratch your head stuff but all of it with the intent of helping us grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Can’t say I agree with everything but i found all of it helpful in understanding some of the issues exposed.

Better Engagement with the Economy and Politics

The Press
Pat Caddell on Why the Press is the Enemy of the People (Shocking video of the corruption of politics by the media, and of the media by the politics.)
Jon Stewart’s Take on the Administration’s Response to Libya Attack on Embassy

How Much Do We Owe? (John C. Goodman—A  short but scary recounting of what we as citizens owe as a result of the extraordinary bad leadership we have gotten from the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.)
President Obama Manipulating Defense Companies for Political Gain Before the Election

Lost in the Abortion Debate—the Lost Potential of a Stopped Heart (Beethoven, Bieber, Tebow argument for life
Suggestion: Don’t Do Anything for Five Minutes after Watching this Two Minute Video Except Think and Pray.  Answer this question: What will you do, now that you know?  (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Why Matthew Vines Scholarship Fails (again) to Undermine the Traditional View on Homosexuality(All his arguments are old and have already been refuted.)
Christians with Same Sex Attraction Weigh in on Homosexuality Debate (The Christian Post—-this is part 3 of a series.)
A Call to Responsible Grace (John Warren and Jeff Buchanan—former board members at Exodus International.)

Growing Better Churches

Essentials for Creating a Discipleship Culture in Your Church (Lindy Lowry—an organic approach to making disciples who make disciples)

Shameless Family Promotion
Oh Sleepur! (Poetry filled with raw honesty and persistent faith from my son who was just featured on NPR High Plains radio. These poems will help you reach a new generation with the gospel and just might restore your confidence in what God is doing among twenty-somethings.)

Picking a President: Or Any Other Elected Official (My latest book on what issues should drive our voting patterns and candidates. Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian or Independent, there is plenty to challenge your thinking and grow your heart. Buy a copy today and give it to those politically savvy friends and family members.)  

Experience the Passion of Christ
(This one is available from Amazon and soon will be available in Kindle format. The perfect book to prepare you, your family, or your congregation for one of the earliest Easter’s in your life time. Delve into the richness of the gospel narrative in these 14 chapters based on the Stations of the Cross from a Reformed Protestant perspective.

Better Thinking about Doctrine

Our Delightfully Strange World: G.K. Chesterton’s vision of Christian Orthodoxy
Getting God’s Name Right (The Gospel Coalition—a longer article but a significant one dealing with how to properly translate the name of God in the Old Testament.)
A series of Links on the Life and Ministry of Adoniram Judson (I am becoming a big fan of Mr. Judson)

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