Training and Equipping Church Planters and their Teams

About 2-3 times a year, I am part of a team of men training church planters around the world with Dynamic Church Planting International. It is an honor and a privilege because, In my opinion, DCPI is the most effective church planting organization in existence. No organization trains more church planters, more effectively, in more places than DCPI. No one. Not Acts 29, not Converge, not Verge, not the Evangelical Free Church of America, not Exponential, not the PCA, not the Southern Baptist Conference. No one.

They fly under the radar and I like it that way. They don’t promote methods but principles. They are not sectarian but inclusive. And they GIVE THEIR TRAINING AWAY. They are more interested in starting a church planting movement than sustaining their organization. I love that about them.

As a result of their approach, no organization has more experience in training church planters to conquer the various issues that confront and confound a church planter in the ministry to which God has called him. So it is with great delight for me to pass on these dates and opportunities for church planters. Training is free. You just have to cover your travel, room and board.

  • Also, Training in these events are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Hindi and Russian.


  1. Church Planters: Take the Church Planting Essentials Track
  2. Senior Pastors: Take the Churches Planting Churches Track
  3. Former Planters: Take the Becoming a Mentor Track
  4. Denominational Leaders: Take the Church Planting Movements Track
  5. Team Members: Take the Church Planting Essentials Track


This link will take you to their website for a calendar of training opportunities.

The next training that I will be participating in will be at Trinity Church in Watseka, IL in late January. We will be running two tracks, CHURCH PLANTING ESSENTIALS and CHURCHES PLANTING CHURCHES. This one is so new, it isn’t up on the DCPI calendar board yet. To register, send an email to Again, training is FREE and we also have a limited number of guest houses for conferees. So sign up early because we will put a cap on total numbers for the conference.

Bootcamps are great but this is better.

2 thoughts on “Training and Equipping Church Planters and their Teams

  1. Marty,

    I love your heart for expanding God’s Kingdom. May your tribe increase. I look forward to being a part of this training. Thank you for your willingness to host and lead.

    Together for the Gospel,



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