Obsolete Youth Ministry Methods?; C.S. Lewis and Calvinism; The Trinity; Douglas Wilson; Science and Christians; and more

Weekend Links

Doing Ministry Better

A tsunami carries buildings across waters in Kamaishi city port. [This is one of the area’s I will visit in October 22-29, when I go to speak at a conference.]

Are Our Youth Ministries Obsolete, Counter-productive, and Wrongly Thought? (The Gospel Side—-What is so uncool about cool churches)
Churches Need to Do a Better Job of Preparing Couples for Marriage (Here’s help in doing just that.)
Was C.S. Lewis a Calvinist? (Douglass Wilson’s surprising answer)
Delighting in the Trinity (Gospel Coalition Review—the modern church needs to think more deeply about the Trinity. This is the book to start the ball rolling.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Documenting the Horror of Islam Jihad for the Last 70 Years (Don’t expect things to change.)
The Gospel and Mumford and Sons (I have been listening to Mumford and Sons for two years and love the depth of their questions as well as the quality of their music.)
U.S. Bishop of Springfield Illinois Says Democratic Platform Endorses “Intrinsic Evils” (I admire the Catholic Bishop of Springfield for speaking directly and clearly.)
An Evangelical Pastor Who Struggles with Same Sex Attraction (Outstanding article by an English Evangelical pastor on why he refuses homosexual practice.)
Calling for Openness in the Scientific Community (T.M. Moore)

3 thoughts on “Obsolete Youth Ministry Methods?; C.S. Lewis and Calvinism; The Trinity; Douglas Wilson; Science and Christians; and more

  1. Hello ChosenRebel,
    Great blog name.
    I would like to point out that I do not say the need to lead youth is obsolete, but rather that the problems we see in the market-driven organization were created by youth ministry done with a biblical message divorced from biblical methodology. Unled things die. We still need youth ministry, but one that builds adults with a lasting faith that leads the church and works for change in the world.
    Thanks for linking to my blog.


  2. Loved the line in the C.S. Lewis segment with Doug Wilson how he says that when a person is a biblicist, at times they will sound Calvinist and at other times they will sound Armenia. Refreshing. I love balance…. Pray your move has gone well brother!


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