Wasted Food; Ten Commandments; The Obamacare Racket; Hate-filled Christians

Weekend Links

[Update: It is almost three years into the wonderful life of our first grandchild, who has since been joined by a baby sister but this post still has some great links. Check out the first two links in particular on wasted food and the second that could have been titled wasted lives.]

The first weekend links in the life of Owen Reginald Aldrin, our grandson. Praying that Owen will one day be mighty for Christ and able to discern what stories are important. Enjoy your weekend.

Being Better Stewards of God’s World

Wasted Food is a Big Problem in America (Article that documents what is happening to the food we buy and laying out steps toward better management of our resources.)

Growing Better Believers

Are We Under the Ten Commandments or How to Live as Dead Men (John Piper–read it until you understand it.)

Engaging with Culture and Politics

Obama Demands to See Romney’s Tax Returns: Where is this going? (Last week, I had an ill-advised link filled with inaccuracies that were unfair to the President. I deleted the link when I found out. This one is much more balanced.)
Obamacare is Becoming a Racket for Overpaid Government Bureaucrats (Daniel Mitchell–is this really the direction we want to see our tax dollars go?)
Why Americans Don’t Like Taxes and Why Europe is Learning to Hate them Too (Charles Payne reflects on an article from the New York Times.)

Sharing the Gospel Better

Why I Am a Hate-Filled Christian (NOT) (If you have friends that you love who don’t know how to love you because of misconceptions about what they think you think, this might be a helpful article for both of you.)
Is Allah the Same as the Christian God? (Christian Research Institute: Is the Allah of Islam the God of the Bible?)
Countering the Distortion that Christianity is Anti-Intellectual (Douglas Groothuis)

Growing Better Christians

Can I Become What God Wants Me to be Without the Church? (Desiring God video with David Powlison from the Biblical Counseling and Education Foundation in Philadelphia)

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