Seth Godin on Expectations

Monday Discussion

Seth Godin said this at his blog recently:

People don’t care how much you offer them. They care about whether you exceeded their expectations. If you want to delight, if you want to create a remarkable experience, if you want people to talk about you or buy your stock, the secret is simple: give them more than they expected. If I walk into your store and it looks and feels like stores I’ve been into before, my expectations are locked in. Now what? But if I walk into your showroom and it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, you get a chance to set my expectations, right.

Intriguing. It probably falls into the category of “duh” but it got me thinking.

Question:  Wouldn’t living passionately for and like Jesus radically exceed the expectations of the world and open up new opportunities to proclaim the radical nature of the gospel?

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