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Weekend Links

Here’s a Garden Idea for 2013

Controversy, help, questions, answers, more questions, practical, theoretical, theological—it’s all here in this week’s end of the week links. As always … I link them, I don’t endorse all that is in them.

Building Better Leaders / Understanding Groups

Five Keys to Saddleback’s Amazing Growth of Small Groups (Mark Howell in Small Group Strategy)
Wagging the Church with Individual Agendas (Daniel Homlquist deals with an important issue. Pastors, staffs and elder boards are often caught in the vice grip of other people’s different (and competing) agendas and vision for the church. A plea for clear strategic vision and backbone in leadership)
The Danger of Pursuing the Next Thing (Leaders, please read this article.)
The Untapped Secret to Creating Passion in the People You Lead (Leadership Freak—read this, then read again, until you can explain with passion to those you lead.)
Are You Investing Your Best Resources in the Wrong People? (Michael Hyatt—I wish I could surgically implant this perspective into every church planter, pastor, elder, leader I have ever known.)
Micro-Churches have the Edge on Multiplication (Neil Cole)
Micro-Churches have an Advantage But it is Usually Not Realized (Neil Cole—with an honest look at reality.)

Engaging with Culture and Politics

How Do You Lose $280 million? (The bigger the ocean the easier it is to lose even big things. Governments are like that too.)
Chick-fil-A and the Proof that We are Living in Orwellian Times
Thomas Nelson Pulls David Barton’s Book The Jefferson Lies (for bad history)

The Assault of Your College Son or Daughter is About to Begin (Mike Adams—if you have a child going to college in the Fall, you, and they, should read this article.)
Renounce Your Faith or stay in Prison 

Building Better Worship Ministry

Why the Bigger the Church, the Lousier the Music: the Praise Band Paradox (Don Chapman—this one is sure to create controversy. Agree or disagree, but solve the problem. How does a church large or small, find the right people to produce both good music and good worship?)

Finishing the Task

Pioneer Bible Translators: What you can do

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