Learning from One Another

Friday is for Heart Songs

Full Week of study and interaction with fellow D.Min students. Just spend the last week interacting with other doctoral students at TEDS. There are some really great men (and two woman) with some very exciting ministries around the world. Missionaries, pastors of small and large churches and every thing in between, Aussies and Germans and South American’s from different countries as well as we US students all working to understand and act as iron sharpening iron—I love these times. They help me to see the Spirit of God at work throughout the world and encourage my soul to pay whatever price needs to be paid to be more effective for the master.

Now the last leg of the last class begins. I have 120 days to finish up the last two papers and then it is on to the writing of the doctoral dissertation.

But it’s getting late and I have a 6 AM elders meeting tomorrow and the recording of the message for the Ashkum campus of Trinity Church. Good night. Remember these words of Jesus to the paralytic. He says them to all of us who have placed our trust in him:

“Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.”
(Matthew 9:2b)

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