Five Evaluation Questions for Your Church Plant (or soul)

Five Evaluation Questions for Your Church and You

  1. Does your church (and you) love pagans?
  2. Does your church know any pagans?
  3. Do the people in your church know how to meet pagans?
  4. Do the people of your church know how to talk to pagans?
  5. Do the people of your church know how to care for pagan?

Some will object to my use of the word “pagan” as a synonym for unbeliever in Christ, but why? It is a word that communicates more than any other that there is a kingdom of darkness and a kingdom of light. All those who are not a part of the kingdom of light are citizens of the kingdom of darkness. They may not know it, they may not look it, they may wear nice clothes and live in fine houses but they are just as far (and as close) to Christ as South Pacific Islander with a boar’s tusk through his nose.

Allow yourself to be impressed with this fact and impress this fact upon your core group for your church plant or your church. People all around us need the gospel. And they need us to love them enough to tell them about Jesus. Let this fact bend your knee to God for the boldness to proclaim the gospel unashamedly.

“The United States is now the third largest mission field in the world. Only India and China have more non-believers.”    —Mission America Monthly

7 thoughts on “Five Evaluation Questions for Your Church Plant (or soul)

  1. Marty, I guess I am one of those who object to your use of the word “pagan”. I would like my speech to be the same in Christ believing circles as it is in non-Christ believing circles. I can’t see myself saying to someone; Oh, so you’re a pagan – but can and should unashamedly ask/proclaim, so you don’t believe in Jesus – what do you believe? The first may create a picture in the persons mind (both believers and unbelievers) that is far from the cross.


    1. Karl,
      Good point. I hear what you are saying and agree …. partially. I didn’t say that I would call a non-believer a pagan to his face (he wouldn’t understand what I was talking about because to him “pagan” means ignorant and superstitious savage. For that matter, even calling him an unbeliever would be misunderstood.)

      But I think there is a place for private language between friends as we try to help one another think clearly about ultimate realities. Even in my own heart, I need reminders that what may look good on the outside, Jesus declares to be a white washed tomb, I need this reminder. We need this reminder in the body of Christ, because our tendency is to not see and to become apathetic toward the desperate need for the gospel that our friends and neighbors have.

      Was great to see you and the family last month. Maybe next time we will get to see Kyle too,


  2. It is good to let everyone know they are a loved one of Christ yet they are indeed an unbeliever, pagan, uncircuncised and many other names when the they realize the whole truth. In China they have a saying you need to save face when talking to someone so you avoid saying things which would cause them to loose face. This being said, when you greet them, you build a relationship, share the love and show them the truth in a way that reflects Christ. The reality is if we don’t take it to heart that they are “pagan”, we don’t realize the urgency to do something about it. Share the love and know the truth. I guess I agree with both of the points made here.


  3. They are great questions, knowing that we believers are the body, the Church, I hope we would ask those questions of ourselves daily. I have many thoughts on this and agree, start praying not only for their Salvation but for God to show you how to love them and see how it changes your heart. If we are all safe and warm, and spiritually fed in our nice buildings, while they are on the out side cold and spiritually starving, what good are we doing? And they need not know us as perfect people, we need to allow them to REALLY know us, and allow them to see that we, though we are redeemed we are forgiven sinners, being refinned daily.


    1. Amen. Get out of your houses and church buildings and programs designed only for yourselves Christians. Get your hands dirty in the lives of others. Serve them. Love them. Care for them. Invite them into your home. Spend time with them. And let Jesus use you to change the world.


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