Embracing Imperfection; Presidential election choices; Church Cannibalism; Dangerous Atheism; John Adams; Ross Douthat; and much more

Weekend Links

An eventful week, painful for the whole country. Here are some links to issues that the church needs to wrestle with all the more as we see the effects of sin and rejection of the gospel in the stories coming out of Colorado this week. Keep those families effected in your prayers and double down on your passion to live and speak for the glory of God.


Creating an invisible shelf for your books
Embracing the Art of “Imperfection”
(video—God makes no junk)
How the Internet Works (amazing video)

Planting Better Churches

Should Church Plants have Elders and Boards? (Doug Murren—after Jesus, who is the boss of the church plant? Doug Murren makes a case for not moving too quickly to a board, elders or deacons, depending on your polity.)

Engaging with Culture

Does Quantum Physics Make Belief in God More Credible? (Joe Carter and the Gospel Coalition.) Christian Scholar Weighs in on the Presidential Election (Norm Geisler—gives his rationale for how an evangelical might decide his vote. See also, my book Picking a President: Or any other elected official.

Building Better Churches

Why is the Episcopal Church Destroying Itself? (Rob Kerby—Belief Net Article. Powerful documentation of the disfunction within the Episcopal church and the abandonment of core doctrinal foundations. Bottom Line: The Episcopal Church is not a Church at all.) Can Liberal Christianity be Saved? (Ross Douthat—Excellent article–well worth the time)
Let’s Stop Cutting Christ into Pieces (Michael Horton—on the tendency of Christians to offer simplistic answers to those struggling with homosexuality. This is an excellent article that stands on solid biblical ground.
Same Sex Marriage and the Threat to Religious Liberty (Thomas Messner—this article was actually written 4 years ago, but it is even more relevant today.) 

 Defending the Faith

John Adams on the Dangers of Atheism to a Culture (

Worshiping the King

Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart (Music to remind the heart of the great comforts of the gospel. Includes Audio.)

Building Better Christians

An Interview With John Piper on Sanctification: Can Christians Grow? (Tim Challies—fantastic interview with thoughtful answers on some serious issues in Christian growth)

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