Daughters and Dads; Chris Christie and the Supreme Court; Killing Sin with John Piper; Baseball; Fearful Pastors and more

Weekend Links

No time for a lot of annotation but I think you will find these links interesting. Obviously, I don’t agree with every post in totality but found all of them challenging and helpful.


Picking the All-TIme Best All Stars (Thomas Sowell—normally involved in much more cerebral pursuits, Thomas Sowell demonstrates that his perceptive and creative mind runs frequently to the field of baseball. Short piece, but if you love baseball, this will give you and your friends something to talk about.)
Stay Calm Dad (Passed on to me by my pregnant daughter.) 

Engaging with Politics, Culture and the Arts

Get the Facts Straight before You Take on Congressman West
Chris Christie on The Supreme Court Decision (Priceless—you have to love the straight-shooting boldness of this governor from New Jersey.)
New Book on Responsible Voting in a Democratic Republic (Highly recommended since I wrote it!) 

Battling Sin Better

How Do You Kill Sin? (John Piper—Probably not as well as you could or should. Here’s real help from a servant of Christ with much experience in helping the flock become holy.)

Building Better Leaders and Preachers

Nine Ways to Preach a Lousy Sermon (Ben Reed—Wait, there are only nine ways?! Insightful.) Tim Keller on Making Sense of the Bible and Christian’s “Inconsistency” (Tim Keller—marvelous article.)
The Fearful Pastor (Paul Tripp—an article to read and digest, and struggle with, and pray over, and check yourself against,)
Fact Checker on Francis of Assisi Quote (I have written about this myself, but this is a good historical fact check on reality.) 

Building Better Churches

How to Measure the Evangelistic Heartbeat of Your Church (if you dare!)
Three Key Roles in Evangelism
(R. Larry Moyer—yeah, I know, your church is doing just fine in the area of evangelism. You don’t need this article. But somebody you are mentoring, or a church planter you will encourage does. Read it for them.)
Darlene Zschech on Essential Issues for Worship Leaders

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