Perplexing Leadership; John Piper; Emotional Intelligence; Myths about the Church; Tea Party Corrections; Homosexual Intolerance

Weekend Links

Looking forward to Spring planting and Fall harvest.
Looking forward to Spring planting and Fall harvest.

There are two links below that I wish every Christian in America would take the time to read/hear. John Piper and Jonathan Parnell’s insight into the current state of the debate on Homosexuality in America, though brief, is brilliant. The link that follows it with two longer video’s of Doug Wilson’s recent lectures at Indiana University is a perfect illustration of Piper/Parnell are driving at.

You don’t have to agree with Doug Wilson in all of his points or illustrations but what is clear is that Doug (the Christian) though nervous and sometimes fearful (even for his life!) is respectful, rational, loving, friendly, generous, compassionate and earnest as he courageously stands for Christ. A minority in his audience are almost completely the opposite. There is a myth out there in the body of Christ. It goes something like this:

“If Christians are loving and humble and sensitive, unbelievers will see our hearts and love us even if they disagree with our convictions.” It is a myth. Standing for Christ in a godless culture that will not submit to the word of God is going to get us persecuted. Some of us are going to go to jail in the next decade simply for declaring the truth. Get ready.

Building Better Leaders

Leadership’s Most Perplexing People Problems (Leadership Freak)
Does Emotional Intelligence Make You a Better a Leader

Engaging with Culture, Science and Politics

The President is Exhausted (Bill O’Reilly—the president’s disappointing performance at the G-20 Summit in Mexico reveals more and less about the state of his leadership than the President perhaps wants to.)
The Godfather of Global Warming Lowers the Boom on Climate Change (, TORONTO SUN—an absolute MUST read.
Just a Few Reasons Why Ron Paul and the Tea Party are Wrong about Ayn Rand (The Tea Party needs to wake up and do a better job of examining its heroes and its heroes philosophy. The Tea Party has done some great good but here’s an area where it needs to do some better thinking.)
An Important Interview between Marvin Olasky and Maggie Gallager
(This is an interview that gives significant intellectual fire-power to fight to good fight against same sex marriage.)
What Does the Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare Mean? (A victory for constitutionalists?)

Standing For Christ in a Christless Culture  (DON’T MISS THESE)

There is No Demilitarized Zone in the Issue of Homosexuality (John Piper—-perhaps one of the most defining and devisive issues of our time is the church’s response to the tidal wave of support rolling through the world culture for wholesale embrace of homosexuality as normal. Increasingly, to disagree is not to have a different opinion or conviction but to be evil personified. One of the most important articles I have ever post in Weekend Links.)

Doug Wilson’s Presentation on Sexuality at the University of Indiana (Gospel Coalition—Justin Taylor, here is a perfect illustration of Dr. Piper is talking about in the first link in the section below.)

Building Better Christians

Four Characteristics of the Spirit Empowered Life (Mark Driscoll)
Should Churches Abandon Short Term Mission Projects in Favor of Local Mission? (Panel—A worthy discussion for all of us on whatever side your own in the debate.)
How Pornography is Sneaking into the Church (Dannah Gresh) 

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