A Potpourri of Annotated Links on Culture, Doctrine, Churches and Praxis

Weekend Links

Some very provocative links this week and one very funny one! As with every other week, I can’t vouch for all the content.

Whimsy and Humor

Ultra Condensed Book Reviews (Book a Minute.—-Too funny)

Engaging with Culture

How Many Are Gay? Reality and Myth (The Atlantic—no matter what our policy, shouldn’t it be based in reality rather than agenda?)
Top of the Line Con Men: How Politicians are Playing with Words (Thomas Sowell)
How Economists Hijacked the Republic (World Magazine — Alex Tokarev)
Four Lies President Obama Must Sell to Win (Larry Elder—an article that I wish was a little longer but is helpful in framing what the likely rhetoric is going to be leading up to November)
The Recall Heard Around the World (Ann Coulter—is a polarizing figure but this article makes some sense.)
The Real War on Woman in America (Thomas Sowell—a must read article that ought to find its way into your next conversation or message that touches on these issues.)
Say It An’t So!: More Evidence that Our President Lied to Us (JOEL B. POLLAK)
A Good Word from the Vice President to those Who Grieve (Joe Biden—Finally the Vice President says something that isn’t an embarrassment to himself, the President, or the country.) 

Building Better Christians and Churches

Hugging Homosexuals: An Evangelical Epidemic (Ken Hutcherson and James Hansen  “Wouldn’t you give a hug to anyone who came into your church?” So why single them out? Have Christians become so fearful of being falsely labeled as “haters” that they have to trip all over themselves just to disprove a negative? If sin is sin, why not intentionally seek after the tax cheat, the kidnapper, the domestic abuser or the necrophiliac and give them a warm embrace? We’ll tell you why: Because those sins don’t have a lobby behind them that openly berates those who don’t support their lifestyle choice.”).
How Over-emphasis on One Area of Doctrine Poisons the Whole (Carl Trueman—on the conversion of a PCA pastor to Roman Catholicism. This is an important article and should serve as a warning to many who ride hobby horses of doctrine on insecure saddles.)
Two Things to Keep in Mind About Protestant Conversion to Catholicism (Kevin DeYoung–an important article for fuzzy thinking among some evangelicals who hate conflict more than they love truth.) 

Better Interpretations of Difficult Texts

More on Melchizedek (J.D. Greear—I hope to make this a recurring and common feature of Weekend Links. Look for more examples of insight into difficult texts.)

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