The Prosperity Gospel is Killing Christian Living

If we judge Christians by the superficial criteria of the world—titles, clothes, bank balance—we have missed what really matters. Our calling to serve Christ is likely to be very different. It might cost us …

For more see: The Prosperity Gospel is Killing Christian Living.

2 thoughts on “The Prosperity Gospel is Killing Christian Living

  1. If Jesus walked the earth today, I doubt if he would drive a Mercedes Benz. Some like to think that they are doing God’s work, but their promises go against the very Word of God. In Proverbs 30:8, it says “Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I might have too much and disown you and say ‘Who is the Lord?’

    Even so, these are they which the Apostle Paul talked about who preach the Gospel for money. In their wake, they leave shattered lives of widows, the poor, desperate, and those who are on their last straw. They bilk money from those who have little and hope against hope for anything. But the way they leave is destitute, angry and bitter at God for not fulfilling His part of the promise. The empty promise of what they usually call, “$eed$ of faith”. But Paul was very angry at them and exposed them when he saw them. In Titus 1:11, Paul told Titus of those, “Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.” Filthy lucre is another way of saying dirty money. He insisted that these are those “whose mouths must be stopped”: (epistomizw), “to stop the mouth; to silence someone; to bridle; to muzzle”.

    From these poor widows and widowers and orphans and the poor in general, they are actually extorting from their audience; making offerings for promises in return for their generous “love offerings” and “gifts”. It matters little to them that God is not a cosmic Santa Claus and that riches are often a stumbling block for what God wants: A deep, dependent necessity on Him alone. This sounds more like quid pro quo. God does not work that way. The “prosperity or health and wealth gospels” contradict the very Word of God. Remember that Jesus and the disciples took no purse for themselves. They make giving to God a “quid pro quo” God.


  2. Those that are advancing the prosperity gospel above all other doctrines are exposing their motives. Money shdouldnt be the reason for coming to Christ or God. They are making business out of the people that are still babies or blind. They want to drive expensive vehicles, latest vehicles, live in expensive houses, etc. They are telling the very people people in the church to give for their own gain. This is another Jesus. Jesus felt compassion for the hungry people that cam to listen to the gospel and gave them enough food. Today we call people to take away from the poor, vulnerable, widows, orphans, etc. Are we sure that we are represeting God or Christ correctly? The gospel should be life saving!!!!!!!!


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