Annotated Links: Engaging with Culture for the Glory of God

Weekend Links

Here they are, the weekend links, this time with some brief annotations. Enjoy.

Engaging with Culture and Politics

Award-Winning Neurosurgeon Condemned by Major University for Not Believing in Evolution (This is one of those articles, though short, that must be read. Prediction, in 20 years Christians will be so marginalized in the culture that it will be almost impossible to not be ridiculed and persecuted on a daily basis, unless a revival occurs. Wake up Christians and start living passionately for and like Jesus.)

The Politicization of “I do” (Carl Ellis–is one of the most creative and insightful thinkers I have ever heard speak. He is brilliant. In this article, he weighs in on President Obama’s recent endorsement of “gay” marriage.)

What the Bible Still Says About Homosexuality (Kevin DeYoung–great example why Stephen Cobert and others comedic sound bites are no way to draw conclusions on same sex marriage.)

The Censored Race War (Thomas Sowell–we don’t need “hate crimes” legislation. We need our police and governments and judicial system to enforce the law no matter who the perpetrators are, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, anyone and everyone should be held to the same standard if we want a civilized and just society.)

The Success of the Gay Marriage Movement (Ross Douthat–an important article on the issue. The church needs to wake up and begin to fight a better battle with more love and more compassion on a wiser and more confident footing. This article helps to frame why Christians are losing the argument even though they have a stronger case for the traditional view of marriage.)

Mark Zuckerberg and the Biblical Meaning of Success (Hugh Whelchel–This is a start, but a lot more thinking needs to be done to flesh out the biblical view of success.) 

Building Better Christians and Churches

Brothers, We Are Not Rock Stars (John MacArthur)
Five Must-Bust Myths About Worship (Chris Brooks)
When Should You Remove Someone from the Worship Team (Rick Muchow)
“If you are not fear-based, you are not worshiping Jesus.” —Eric Metaxes

Defending the Faith

The Ehrman Project: Answering Attacks on the Bible’s Accuracy and Authority

Building Better Pastors, Church Planters and Preachers

Five Ways to Improve Your Preaching (The Ordinary Pastor)

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