Gay Marriage; Maurice Sendak; Piers Morgan; Bigotry; Economy; Better Christians; Eric Metaxes; Don Miller and Much More

Weekend Links

There are some fun links, some challenging links, some infuriating links … but in my humble (but, of course, accurate opinion) all are worthy of a read. Of course you may not have time to read them all but maybe the titles I have supplied will help you figure out what ones will help you best. Have a great weekend.


Arranging Books in a Home (Great surprise at about 3:30-4:10 –video)
What Can Maurice Sendak Teach the Church? (Russell Moore)

Engaging with Culture / Fighting Cultural Stupidity

Piers Morgan Slays Himself in Interview with Goldberg (David Limbaugh)
The State Has Neither the Power or the Authority to Cure All Ills (Vern Poythress)
Bigotry on the Ballot or Dishonesty in the Editorial (Al Mohler)

Five Reasons Christians Should Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage (and get their own marriages in order)
Eric Metaxes on What Bonhoeffer Would Say to President Obama (Eric Metaxes)
How One Church is Dealing with Attempts to Redefine Marriage (J.D. Greear)

Thinking Better About the Economy

Comparing Apple vs Microsoft for a Way Forward (Katie Kieffer)
Paul Ryan’s Budget is a Moral Document (Star Parker) –not to miss
Why the Government Can’t Balance the Budget (Video)

Growing Better Churches / Christians

The Unique Impact of Smaller Churches (Thom Rainer)
What to Do with Sin When You Find it in Yourself (Tim Challies)
Please Stop Dumbing Down the Gospel (Don Miller)
How to Sabotage a Pastor and His Ministry (Jared Wilson)
Should Christian Men and Women Work to Remain Attractive to One Another? (Tim Challies)
Choice or Orientation? Killing Sin for the Glory of God and Our Joy (Jared Wilson)

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