Preaching Christ in a Tavern: The Place for Good News?

Weekend Musings

Story out about a church that is reaching out to people in the community who might not otherwise go to church–they are live-streaming their worship service into a local bar with a camera set up in the bar that also plays back at the church so worshipers there can see the worshipers at the bar.

Here’s the link: The article is short. Read it and tell me what you think.

Question: What’s wrong or what’s wonderful about this story?

5 thoughts on “Preaching Christ in a Tavern: The Place for Good News?

  1. Came in Through Twitter:

    Mike Pueschell ‏ @Wheres_Mike
    @1chosenrebel4JC Love this, Marty. Causes me to consider, “Where is NOT the place for good news?”


  2. This comment came in through LinkedIn

    This is awesome, this is what we need more of, Christian’s meeting people “where they are” spiritually. That whole contexualizing the Gospel thing finds its focus in things such as this. Matthew 9:13b “For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners”. We have to be in the world, but not of it because that is where the lost are!!! I don’t know how we keep missing this. Great post sir.

    Posted by Tommy McElwrath


  3. I like the idea…agree that there is NO place that doesn’t need the good news. What’s missing in the story is the relationship. The only person who’s being reported as making a personal connection with the patrons is the bartender/manager. It’s good as far as it goes, but there needs to be a ‘next step’…


  4. Paul Smith • said on Linkedin: I live in a west Texas town called Colorado City. This town began in 1881 and the first sermon preached in our town was preached in a bar on Oak Street. The bar owner asked the Presbyterian Minister who traveled through our town if he would come the next week and preach at his bar. The man came back the following week and preached Christ in the bar. The bar owner, out of respect for the Lord, placed a sheet over the bottles behind the bar.

    Jeanice McDade • commented on Linkedin: I hope you’ll post updates, Marty

    Rese Hood
    Didn’t Christ Himself shock the respectable crowds by consorting with sinners in less that reputable places and blessed the occupying force of Rome as well? Going where compassion is most needed and people are hungering for it – healing the sick not the well as Jesus would put it – is very biblical. I think it is perfect. (And weren’t many of our hymns set to the music of popular tavern songs? 🙂


  5. I am excited to hear that we have people who are taking the Gospel into the darkness. There is NO place that is beyond the reach of the power of God! A few years ago we were working a parade in a small town passing tracts, street witnessing, and leading those who were ready to Christ, when we happened upon a beer tent. We decided that the people inside needed Christ too, so we went in and talked to some of the people there and left them with some literature and planted a few seeds. It was a great experience. It left me with the impression that God loves these people too no matter where they happen to be sitting at the time. Reach out to them no matter who or where they are because only God knows what His timing is for calling others to Him.


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