Infuriating, Inspiring, Challenging and Provocative Links for Your Enjoyment and Growth

Weekend Links

Lots of links! Some that are not to be missed. You mileage may vary, but I found these articles alternately challenging, convicting, upsetting, and inspiring. I include them. I don’t necessarily endorse them all.

Engaging Culture

Ray Comfort’s Controversial Movie Comparing Abortion and Hitler Saving Lives (Christian News Wire)
Federal Workers Paid Nearly Twice What Private Sector Jobs Are
Christian Radio Station Loses Court Battle on Free Speech
(Further Explorations In Cultural Suicide)
Christianity is Not About Going from “Gay” to “Straight.” It’s About Turning form Sin to Jesus (Christian Post)
The Man Who Defeated Hitler (Eric Metaxes)
Seven of the More Disturbing Things Related to President Obama’s Policies and Behavior (John Hawkins)
Obama’s Newest (Katie Kieffer)
Should Conservatives Vote for Romney? (Douglass Groothius)
Liberal Nostalgiacs Doesn’t Understand Jobs Either Now or in the Future (Michael Barone)
Why Global Warming Evangelist are Not Persuasive (John Ransom)
Are Brain-Dead Patients Dead or Simply Opportunities for Aggressive Doctors?

Evangelism and Apologetics

More than a Model of How to Change a School, This is a Model of What the Church Should be Doing All Over America (Don’t Miss this Article)

Leading and Thinking Better About Ministry

The New Calvinism: Is it new? (Video: DeYoung, Duncan and Mohler)
Does Satan Have Access to Our Minds? (Christian Research Institute)
It is Less Dangerous to Raise Your Kids in Africa than it is to Raise them in America (Desiring God Blog)
Calvinist are Theologians; Arminians are Apologists? (Credo House)
The Fruitful Side of Multi-site (Harvest Bible Chapel)
Should Christians Cooperate with Mormons? (Chris Fabry) –well worth the time.
How the Media Fuels Racism (Thomas Sowell)
The Essential Trinity (Tim Challies)

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