An Intense Purposefulness: Where is it?

Thursday is for Discipleship

“My hour has not yet come.”   (John 2:4)

“My time is not yet here”   (John 7:6)

“My time has not yet fully come.”   (John 7:8)

“His hour had not yet come.”   (John 7:30)

“His hour had not yet come.”   (John 8:20)


“Jesus, knowing his hour had come.”   (John 13:1)


The whole of the Savior’s life was lived with an intense purposefulness and focus. He was living and moving toward the purpose of laying his life down as a sacrifice for sin and the redemption of the world.

Purpose. Focus. Intensity.

If this is how our Master lived how can we not live like Him?


  • How do our choices reflect the intense purposefulness of the One we say we follow?
  • How are we taking up our cross and following Him?
  • How does the world around us know that we are living for something different from what they are living for if our lives don’t look radically different from theirs?

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