Zombies; Purpose of the Supreme Court; Divorcing for Unhappiness; Homosexuality and the Gospel; Reconsidering Blue Like Jazz and much more

Weekend Links

Some very interesting links here including a blog post from the leader of my new favorite band of the moment (Gungor). The link to Carl Trueman’s thought provoking and penetrating post on Multi-site churches and the whole Multi-site phenomenon is something that could only be written now, i.e. after the experiment in Multi-site had reached some level of development.

Initial critiques of most things tend to be reactionary and, usually, unhelpful. They are often too full of fear of the unknown or defensive posturing by those who simply feel that all innovation is somehow a critique or devaluing of more traditional patterns. It takes time and thought, and reflection and more thought, not to mention a good eye for grammar and how words work to write the kind of educated critique that Trueman writes in “Multi-site, Poker Tells and the Importance of Presence.”

As always, I don’t endorse all of what is said in any of these links but find all of them helpful in stretching and improving my own thinking. Enjoy.

Abandoned Backup Power Station in Sweden

Engaging with Culture

Darwin Slayer (Michael Behe via Marvin Olasky)
Homosexuality, Christianity and the Gospel (J.D. Greear)
A Review of BLUE LIKE JAZZ with some Historical Perspective (Out of the Horse’s Mouth)

Leading and Living Better

Where Men are Better than Women (Leadership Freak)
Should I Divorce My Spouse If I’m Miserable? (Russell Moore)
Helping Seminarians Become Great Preachers (From The Well)
How to Build or Rebuild Trust (Michael Hyatt)
Thinking Better About Multi-Site – The Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence (Carl Trueman)
The Supreme Court’s Job is to Protect the Country from Unbridled Democracy (Daniel J. Mitchell)


Zombies, Wine and Christian Music: The Fakiness of some Christian Music (Michael Gungor)
And the Winner Isn’t (New York Times Opinion page)

Defending the Faith

The Most Difficult stumbling Block for Christianity (Philip Yancy)
Proof that God is Good: “Suffered Under Pontius Pilot” (Christianity Today)

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