Matt Chandler interview; Religious Reverts; Baseball and technology; Candidates who believe?; Gay Rights; Gandhi and much more

Weekend Links

New England Bike PathThe best and most interesting links of the week. Some new categories this week. As always, My hope is to give you penetrating analysis, challenging thinking, and inspiring content, but that doesn’t mean that I endorse or embrace every thought, direction or conclusion of any particular link.

Leading Better

The Anatomy of Holiness (Kevin DeYoung)
An Interview with Matt Chandler (Christian Post Reporter)
Religious Reverts: Are American Christians Coming Back to Church? (John Armstrong and USA Today)


Baseball and Its Gloves (Innovation and change)
Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Chicago vs Chicago (Extended)

Engaging with Culture

Gay Rights and the Abuse of Liberty (Shane Vander Hart)
Search Engines for Scholars and Researchers (Stumbled Upon) -very helpful
Candidates: Two Self-Professing Christians who Most Christians Don’t Believe are Real (Ed Stetzer)

Defending the Faith

Gandhi’s Jesus is Not Quite Jesus (Tim Challies)
Why Christianity Has Declined in America (Tim Keller)
The Ten Most Common Objections to Christianity (Alex McFarland, Video)
Financial and Sexual Abuses at TBN Revealed (World Magazine)
Is Christian Faith Irrational (Matt the med student) 

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