Resurrection Day +1

Monday Discussion

We live in the age of the resurrection. We have always lived in the age of the resurrection, but like the disciples who forgot that Jesus said he would rise from the dead, we too quickly forget that 

the fact of …
the knowledge about …
the belief in …

… the resurrection ought to dominate our vision of the world. The resurrection proves that sin and death have been conquered by the Lord of Life. The resurrection proves that our faith in not in vain (1 Cor. 15:12-20). The resurrection proves that Jesus can and will keep every promise he ever made (John 14:1-6). The resurrection proves that Jesus was and therefore is, exactly who he said he was (John 2:13-19) and had the authority to do everything he did. 

The things that he would have us be urgent about–seeking the lost (Luke 19:10; John 20:21; Luke 10:2), feeding his sheep (John 21:15-19), serving one another (John 13:12-19), loving each other (13:31-35).

Living passionately for and like Jesus is how the fact of the resurrection ought to shape our lives and vision everyday. Let’s live that way for the glory of our king and joy of all people.  

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