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Weekend Links

I love it when the world is stunned by the love of Christians. There’s a link here about that.
I love it when false doctrine is combated. There are a couple of links here about that.
I love it when believers in Christ are encouraged to be more in Christ. You will find that below.
I love it when culture is confronted with gospel truth. That is there in the links below as well.
As always, I post ’em; I don’t necessarily endorse all of them. 

Leading and Loving Better

What is Easy Believism? (Got Questions)
Why I Hate Prayer (Marty Schoenleber)
Atheist Flabbergasted by Generosity of Christians (Joe Carter)
The Gnostic Gospel of Our Day (Dr. Peter Jones–video)
How to Pray When Cancer is the Diagnosis (David Platt quoting James Montgomery Boice) -short video
Was Jesus a Created Being? Handing JW’s the Truth (One Minute Apologist–video)
Quick Guide to Eliminating Shallow and Culturally Irrelevant Faith (ChristianRationality.com)
Christianity is Bolted to Reality (Stand to Reason)
God’s Passion is for a Woman (Frank Viola)
Solving Problems with Creationism?
Evangelical Evolutionist Meet in New York (Christianity Today)
A Lesson on Leadership from a Group of Penquins with an Assist from Michael Hyatt 

Engaging the Culture

Listen Up Boomers: The Backlash Has Begun (Walter Russell Mead)
Faith-Based Energy Policy (Victor Hanson)
Job Killers and the False Security of More Rules (John Stossel)
What if We Heard a CEO take Responsibility Rather than Shift Blame  

Building a Better Garden

Saving Water in Your Garden this Summer

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