Doctrine of Justification; Belief in Miracles; Persecution of Christians; Protesting Abortion; Intelligent Design;

Weekend Links

You will like a lot of these links. They are challenging, provocative, funny, serious, important, insightful, and maybe even a few that are infuriating. As always, I don’t endorse all of them or all of what is said but thought they might help you in your journey.

Engaging with Culture

Is it Right for Christians to Protest at Abortion Clinics?
Gorilla Genome and Intelligent Design (Evolution News and Views)
Obamacare: Two Years Later –how disasters happen
A Tongue in Cheek Voter’s Guide
When Will the US Government Speak Up on Persecution of Christians Worldwide?
Homeland Security Chairman: There are Hundred’s of Hezbollah Soldiers in the US

Leading and Teaching Better

The Lord of Host and the Armies of God (Justin Taylor)
My Response to Kony and the Movie to Get Him (Matt Papa)
Keeping Your Spiritual Garden in Order (Derwin Grey) –don’t miss this one.
What is Justification? (Reformed Bibliophile)


Is Belief in Miracles and the Supernatural Irrational? (A Don’t Miss Video!)
What Made it OK for God to Kill other Nations in the Bible? (John Piper)

4 thoughts on “Doctrine of Justification; Belief in Miracles; Persecution of Christians; Protesting Abortion; Intelligent Design;

  1. Marty, as a bi-vocational pastor, this blog is an excellent resource for staying current on issues that affect believers and non-believers. I appreciate the John Piper article especially, as I do about anything this man writes. May God continue to bless you my friend and fellow pastor.

    Signed, Train Wreck, and Pastor-occassional Disaster,

    Jack Wellman


    1. Jack,

      thanks for the encouragement and for the visit to the blog. enjoyed your article on protesting abortion clinics. Piper is probably my most significant living mentor. he is a great gift to the church.


      1. Thank you so much Mark. I know that one of his sayings stuck with me to this day, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him” and his unique “Christian Hedonism” is something that I pray for that God would strengthen the intensity of my hunger and thirst for Him and to know Him better and His Word. The greatest attribute I have found, credited to R.C.Sprouls (another of my very favorites) plainly reveals that God is Holy, Holy, Holy. Oh that I might strive to be more so, even though a wicked, wretch that I am. I really loved the “I Hate Prayer”. How exceedingly difficult prayer seems to be at time. Thank you too for visiting our blog. May God continue to richly bless you as evidenced that He already has sir.


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