Thinking Better about Mission

Monday Discussion

Two years ago, Ed Stetzer had post about a paradigm shift that needed to occur in all of our churches (meaning, all our churches in America of every denomination). But while this needs to happen in all of our churches, church plants in particular need to lead the way. We don’t need 1,000’s of new churches that haven’t thought these issues through.

We need 1,000’s of new church-planting churches that are on the cutting edge of helping all of God’s people participate in the mission of God. So, in that spirit, here are two quotes from Ed Stetzer’s blog on involving all of God’s People in all of God’s Mission:

“Moving toward mission means that all ministry efforts have as their primary goal the same goal God has, which is His glory being displayed among the panta ta ethne, the peoples of the world. So, whether it is the nursery, elementary classes, middle-school or intergenerational small groups, the goal can never be Seven Steps to Happier Living, but the role those gathered people play in God’s mission.”

“Additionally, turning an old American Express commercial on its ear, membership should have its responsibilities. Consider having regular participation in some expression of international engagement as a membership requirement. Find a way for the accountants to be involved, the brick masons, the plumbers, the teachers, the day-care workers, as well as the pastoral team! If part of the dilemma is seeing missions as “preaching,” then provide opportunities for the people with regular jobs to put their expertise to work in a cross-cultural setting. If not among Peruvians, then perhaps among the Pima in Arizona.”


How will you help your people step up to their responsibilities for the mission of God (missio Dei) and how will you lead them by your example?

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