Adam and Eve; Youth Culture Idolatry; Ed Stetzer; Rick Warren; Chrislam; Philip Ryken and much more

Weekend Links

Easter and Baseball season is just around the corner. Life is good in America. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. We need to be looking at the next 6-7 “good weather months” as opportunities to be active and engaged with our neighbors who are popping their heads out of doors for the first time since late October. Enjoy the weekend links. As always, I read ’em and pass ’em on, but I don’t necessarily endorse all of  ’em. 

Cultural Engagement

The Parable of the Kosher Deli (Great Video)
Why Ruth Ginsburg Needs to Be Replaced on the Supreme Court
Enough is Enough: Radical Green Environmentalist are Hurting America (Elizabeth Harrington)
1984 has Arrived in the Person of Kathleen Sebelius (Human Services Director)
Take Congress, Not the White House in 2012 (George Will)
The Issue is not Birth-control, it’s Government Coercion  (Ed Stetzer)

Leading Better in the Church and Culture

How to Listen to a Sermon (Philip Ryken)
Churches Called to Lay Down Youth Culture Idolatry in Worship (Eryn Sun)

Apologetics and Biblical Interpretation

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist (Richard Belcher)

Evangelism and Outreach

Ashes to Go and New (old) Pattern of Outreach (J. Steven Harper)
Rick Warren White Paper on Evangelism and so-called “Chrislam (Don’t Miss this Article–great)

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