Learning How to Penetrate a New City (or Neighborhood) from Jesus

Thursday is for Discipleship

It’s a familiar passage. Luke 10:1-11. The Sending out of the 70 to preach the Kingdom. I’d encourage you to read it. Here’s a seven point outline of the instructions that are given:

  1. The harvest is plentiful and workers are needed. Pray for them  (vs. 1). 
  2. The mission is urgent and potentially dangerous. Don’t hesitate (vss. 2-3). 
  3. Resources may not be important but zeal for the task is. Trust God not resources (vs. 4). 
  4. Look for indications of receptivity to the message in the willingness of hearers to be hospitable. Give and be at peace (vs. 5-6a). 
  5. Assume you will be provided for and be thankful in your provision. Give thanks in everything (v. 6b-8).
  6. Be a healer and a herald. Preach the Kingdom, repentance, and belief (vs. 9). 
  7. Be confident in the message and speak with authority (vss. 10-11).

These instructions that Jesus gave to the disciples on this occasion are often discussed simply as the procedures that Jesus set up for the next phase of his earthly ministry rather than as a model or example of how we might penetrate new communities with the gospel. Let’s change that.


  • Church Planter: Lead your launch team / core group / first converts to use this outline as your basic template for training your people to penetrate a neighborhood with the gospel.
  • Senior Pastors: Lead your elders in a discussion of what this would look like in your present situation.
  • Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Start thinking of ways you might use these instructions of Jesus to take the gospel to your neighborhood.

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