What Enterprise Car Rental Can Teach the Church

Monday Discussion (Two)

Just saw the new Enterprise Car Rental advertising campaign. It’s very simple but behind it is a great lesson for the Church. A series of Enterprise reps come on camera and simply say, “I can make it right.” A few add, “I don’t have to talk to someone else,” or I don’t need to ask a manager One after another, another fresh and happy face says to potential customers with just those five words that they are ready and eager to make your next Enterprise experience a good one.

How can Enterprise reps make such a claim? 

Think about it.

  1. They can do it because they have been trained and empowered to make decisions by the company.
  2. They can do it because management in the company is confident in their training.
  3. They can do it because management is willing to live with the decisions that their reps make.
  4. They can do it because they know that management is not going to overturn any decision they make.

What the Church Can Learn

This is what elders and pastoral staffs should be doing with congregations. Our job is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). It is NOT to do the ministry. It is to equip others to DO the ministry. 

Are we doing it?

2 thoughts on “What Enterprise Car Rental Can Teach the Church

  1. Are we doing it? By and large, NO. Too many congregations have been trained that the clergy ministers and the laity get ministered to. We, the congregated Body, have lost the sense of equipping and being equipped, so we have lost the empowerment to “make it right” and we don’t take the car to the customer.


    1. Amen. Let’s pray that elders and pastors would truly embrace equipping and that congregations would be shaken out of their lethargy and be willing to take the gospel to their neighbors.


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