Fraudulent Policy Changes; Eric Metaxes; Religious Freedom; Boring Preaching; Marco Rubio on Energy Policy and much more

Weekend Links

Not a lot of time this week to read, so a fewer number of links to issues in my area of passion, church planting, evangelism, discipleship and preaching. But i think you will still find these interesting and challenging. As always, … I don’t agree with ’em all; I just post ’em to make you think. Enjoy.

Christian Leadership

Boring Preaching is a Criminal Act (Brandon Cox)
Seven Tips to Talking with Neighbors about Jesus (Tim Gaydos)
Too Scary, Too True and Really Sad (What Youth Pastors Say–Video)
The Cultural Elites: The Next Unreached People Group (Eric Metaxes) 

Cultural Engagement

Is Being ‘Born Gay” like Being Born into a Race? (Matt Slick)
Is Jesus On Board with President Obama’s Plans? (Austin Hill)
Fraudulent Policy Changes and Political Subterfuge of the The President (Michelle Malkin)
Pelosi and Obama in Lock Step Against Religious Freedom (Elizabeth Harrington)
Boehner to the Rescue: Stranger Things Have Happened (Terrence P. Jeffrey)
Catholics Battling Obama on Multiple Fronts (The Nuns are Coming!)
That’s Me, Losing My Religion

The Economy and the Nation

He Really Said that?!: The Fact is We Don’t Need a Budget? (Steny Hoyer)
Rubio on Our Energy Policy (Marco Rubio)
China Windfall Generated by North American Foolishness (Erika Johnsen)

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